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DCO Programming: Submit

Now you can officially join the programming area of the project! For the alpha stage, all members are able to access and use any part of the code. The controller widget and extra tools become functional after you log in.

Process Delegation: Classical Computer Separation Before “Multi-Core” Quantum Computing

Essentially, we need to build or optimize a browser extension to separate all the similar processing algorithms independently (Javascript or Python, we need more programmers!) for then sending them to systems like Microsoft’s Azure Quantum and IBM’s Quantum Experience at the same time. The output console information is then collected by the extension and sent through this server’s port. Achieving this first step is fundamental for our initial DCO to work on a web browser (without needing a command line), multiple cores of simultaneous predicting processes on real quantum computing hardware from different entities. Qiskit-js appears to be the best starting point at the moment for browser compatibility. The continuation of the process will be completely classically computed at this time.

Cooperative: Join!

Open project announcement: make the deterministic quantum cooperative a reality, sharing circuits and procedures inside this new community. You will receive a unique login access to the files, share your knowledge and contrast it with others (free database uploading and partial code running inside the master-branch, too). Stay tuned!

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Technological Democratization: Quantum Computing

As it occurred with conventional programming languages, scripts and frameworks, quantum computing opportunities will get to more people and eventually anyone will be able to study the most part of a quantum computing career online. This has already happened in every classical informatics profession, and with quantum computers being built faster each time, probably won’t be the exception.