Category: Technology

  • SoundCoin – Updates 2022

    The official site has received its first major release update in five years. The original crypto-sonorous currency’s implementation is now called “SoundCoin Classic”, while the applications being launched are powered by the newer version of “SoundCoin”. – Authorized snapshot saved by website’s plaftorm –

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Doing maintenance efficiently while keeping near-zero downtime can be difficult, but applying predictive techniques can help a lot! Exclusively necessary changes can be done before time on a single, easier and faster procedure by amplifying information graphs and working using a defined sequence based on them.

  • Practical Optimization

    Quantum computing architectures are constantly being improved and with that comes an inherent low-level obsolescence for most programs. It’s not too practical to build circuits for specific devices that change constantly. The hub works with javascript and implements mid-level code from compatible frameworks made by different organizations. Still, most of it will have to be […]

  • Toolbar: Customizable Controller

    We are releasing a custom javascript setting for the controller widget. This way, every user will be able to modify the sidebar to meet their own script requirements. Join now and try the source code by yourself (still on an early development stage)!

  • Process Delegation: Classical Computer Separation Before “Multi-Core” Quantum Computing

    Essentially, we need to build or optimize a browser extension to separate all the similar processing algorithms independently (Javascript or Python, we need more programmers!) for then sending them to systems like Microsoft’s Azure Quantum and IBM’s Quantum Experience at the same time. The output console information is then collected by the extension and sent […]

  • Technological Democratization: Quantum Computing

    As it occurred with conventional programming languages, scripts and frameworks, quantum computing opportunities will get to more people and eventually anyone will be able to study the most part of a quantum computing career online. This has already happened in every classical informatics profession, and with quantum computers being built faster each time, probably won’t […]