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  • Technological Democratization: Quantum Computing

    As it occurred with conventional programming languages, scripts and frameworks, quantum computing opportunities will get to more people and eventually anyone will be able to study the most part of a quantum computing career online. This has already happened in every classical informatics profession, and with quantum computers being built faster each time, probably won’t […]

  • Open Source Quantum Computing Frameworks

    This year many open source quantum computing frameworks have been released in beta stage by different companies. Among the most notable ones are Qiskit, Q# and Cirq. These are usable on noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers (NISQ) and some simulators too (like qsim).

  • Analogue Signal: Single Axis Non-Digital Sampling

    The implementation of DACs (Digital-to-Analogue Converters) inside computers lets us convert digital information into analogous signals. Digital audio formats are based on two axis quantization, via Sample Rate and Bit Depth. Some audio amplification systems are named using the standard nomenclature as Class D. Although all digital amplifiers are Class D, not all Class D […]

  • SoundCoin & Quantum Computing Resistance

    In 2017, when Gaetano Dellepiane published the first crypto-sonorous currency in the world, there were no details whether this technology would be resistant in the future against quantum computing attacks. The “DSH7” algorithm (seven bits point description) is a stand-alone public distribution of the already used sonorous hash password storage that took place inside SoundCoin‘s […]

  • Security

    All data received and processed by the server is protected using end-to-end encryption. Remember always to check properly for the lock (or SSL) icon on your browser’s status bar!

  • Quantum Sensors Arrangement

    The appropriate DCO sensors arrangement and functioning algorithm will be constantly improved, after its physical foundation the following decade. One important detail to take into consideration, is how the quantum processing matrix interacts with the physical world’s information (in this case photons).